Houma Today: Get Ready for Another Round of Redistricting
November 1, 2017 | by Keith Magill

Experts from the Brennan Center for Justice, a nonpartisan law and policy institute that works on redistricting nationwide, will speak at the summit. Other confirmed attendees, organizers said, include representatives from the League of Women Voters of Louisiana and the Council for a Better Louisiana. State Reps. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner; and Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, also plan to attend.

The Times-Picayune: Louisiana looks to slay its gerrymanders with redistricting summit
November 1, 2017 | Associated Press

Rep. Julie Stokes, who plans to attend the summit, said Louisiana districts have been drawn to be "ultraliberal or ultraconservative," and don't represent where many residents sit ideologically. She sees the January event as a way to learn about "best practices across the country."

The Advocate: In Louisiana treasurer's race, these 2 candidates headed to runoff
October 14, 2017 | By Mark Ballard

In the words of state Rep. Julie Stokes, who dropped out of the treasurer's race in July to undergo treatment for breast cancer, no money means little television advertising, which translates into no buzz.

American Press: Why Are Voters Staying Home?
October 12, 2017 | By Jim Beam

State Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, was a serious contender until she had to drop out to battle breast cancer. She was my favorite because she is a moderate who has demonstrated a willingness to work with others to reform the state’s budget and tax systems. Stokes put her finger on the problem created by her fellow Republicans in this race.

Daily Comet: Lack of funding fuels lack of interest in state treasurer’s race
October 10, 2017 | By Mark Ballard (The Advocate)

“When you can’t get enough money generated, you can’t get enough air time. And if you can’t get enough air time, you can’t generate public excitement,” said state Rep. Julie Stokes, the Kenner Republican who dropped out of the race in July for health reasons.

American Press: Hopefuls using similar tactics
October 1, 2017 | By Jim Beam

With just under two weeks to go, perhaps the candidates will drop all of the extraneous chatter about taxes and spending and tell us why they are best suited for the treasurer’s job. State Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, who is flexible and works well with others, was my first choice, but she had to drop out of the race to battle breast cancer.

WAFB-TV: La. treasurer candidates launch TV ads; analyst calls them 'flimsy' on duties of office
September 21, 2017 | By Kevin Frey

Election day is slated for Saturday October 14. Julie Stokes was also a candidate in the race, but dropped out after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Times-Picayune: Democrat leads Louisiana treasurer race, but party doesn't back him; here's why
September 15, 2017 | By Julia O'Donoghue

Earlier in 2017, many Democratic insiders were getting behind Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, who had more moderate stances than Riser and Schroder on the fiscal issues that the treasurer handles. Stokes quit the race in July, however, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Times-Picayune: Louisiana to picks its treasurer this fall (Yes, that's an elected position)
September 12, 2017 | By Julia O'Donoghue

The race was also upended when state Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, dropped out after a cancer diagnosis. Stokes was considered a major contender for the position. She had been running as a centrist on fiscal issues, even trying to appeal to Democrats because the party didn't have a major candidate in the race. She was from vote-rich Jefferson Parish and was thought to be more appealing to New Orleans voters.

New Orleans City Business: People this Week: New hires, promotions, awards
August 31, 2017 | Staff Reports

State Rep. Julie Stokes has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 University of New Orleans’ Homer L. Hitt Distinguished Alumni Award.

Louisiana Weekly: La. Treasurer's Race is down to two candidates
August 28, 2017 | By Christopher Tidmore

Despite the fact that Rep. John Schroder has run for the office for almost a year, consolidating “Tea Party” support, and Rep. Neil Riser has made appeals as the only North Louisiana contender, Davis seems to have successfully captured the mainstream GOP support that previous frontrunner Rep. Julie Stokes once enjoyed. Stokes dropped out of the race in early July after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

The Advocate: Sole Democrat in treasurer race is a long-shot, but is still dictating campaign's dynamics
August 24, 2017 | By Stephanie Grace

One Republican in particular, state Rep. Julie Stokes, appeared well-positioned to attract crossover support. She's from Kenner and has some name identification and connections in New Orleans. She made a high-profile stand against sexist behavior in the Legislature, which raised her profile among female voters. 

American Press: Treasurer is much like banker
August 24, 2017 | By Jim Beam

My favorite treasurer candidate was state Rep. Julie Stokes of Kenner, one of the few GOP moderates in the state House who is willing to compromise. However, she had to drop out of the race to fight breast cancer, a more important battle.

Gambit: Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down
August 14, 2017

Julie Stokes, a 1992 magna cum laude graduate of the University of New Orleans (UNO), is the 2017 recipient of UNO's Homer L. Hitt Distinguished Alumni Award, the university's highest honor. Stokes, a CPA, represents Louisiana's House District 79. Recently she dropped a planned run for state treasurer due to a diagnosis of breast cancer. 

Bayou Buzz: 17 get LABI perfect score 100: Billiot, Connick, Thomas, Miller from N.O. region
August 8, 2017

Representatives Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) and Julie Stokes (R-Kenner) from the New Orleans region, were named “LABI All-Stars” for scoring 90 percent or higher on the legislation selected for the Scorecard analysis.

The Advocate: Rep. Stokes on cancer diagnosis: 'something very productive and good will come from this journey'
July 22, 2017 | By Rebekah Allen

Earlier this month, Stokes set that dream aside as she prepared for her toughest battle yet. One week before qualifying for an election where she was considered a frontrunner, the Kenner Republican was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer which required her to start chemotherapy immediately.

Gambit: I-10: Ten Things to Know in New Orleans this Week 
July 18, 2017

Politicians and others wore pink July 12 in support of state Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, who announced the week before that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would not run for state treasurer as she had announced earlier.

The Advocate: New Orleans voters could be the wildcard in Louisiana's state treasurer race; here's why
July 17, 2017 | By Stephanie Grace

Better positioned was a lawmaker who will not appear on the ballot, state Rep. Julie Stokes, of Kenner. Before pulling out of the race following a breast cancer diagnosis, Stokes had been making the rounds in New Orleans, and both her proximity and her record in the Legislature could have given her an edge. 

WWL-TV: State Representative Julie Stokes fights back against breast cancer
July 13, 2017 | By Caresse Jackman

Each step Representative Julie Stokes takes towards her MRI appointment feels surreal. Stokes still cannot believe she's been diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.


WDSU-TV: Louisiana lawmaker humbled by support across state after cancer announcement
July 13, 2017 | By Tammy Estwick

State lawmakers and residents came together on social media to show their support for Stokes, who said the decision to not run was one of the hardest in her career, but she is humbled by the people who have reached out.

The Advocate: Five qualify to run for state treasurer on first day; candidate sign up continues Thursday
July 12, 2017 | By Mark Ballard

Her son, Davis Kelley, work pink to qualifying in honor of Republican Rep. Julie Stokes, who withdrew from the race last week after being diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer.

Baton Rouge Business Report - Daily Report: More candidates jump into Louisiana state treasurer’s race
July 12, 2017 | By Daily Report Staff

A fourth GOP contender, state Rep. Julie Stokes, had planned to run, but she dropped out of the race last week after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer.

U.S. News and World Report: The Latest: GOP Candidates Sign up for La. Treasurer's Race
July 12, 2017 | Associated Press

A fourth GOP contender had planned to run, state Rep. Julie Stokes, but she dropped out of the race last week after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer.

The Advocate: Louisiana rallies around Rep. Julie Stokes with #FightLikeJulie effort after cancer diagnosis
July 12, 2017 | By Elizabeth Crisp

Louisiana residents across the state are wearing pink Wednesday in honor of state Rep. Julie Stokes who last week dropped out of the race for state treasurer and announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Gambit: #FightLikeJulie: Social media goes pink in support of Julie Stokes' breast cancer fight
July 12, 2017 | By Kevin Allman

Last week, state Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, announced she would not be running for state treasurer, as she had previously announced, due to a diagnosis of breast cancer. Today her colleagues in the state legislature, as well as supporters and well-wishers around Louisiana, wore pink and sent photos and good thoughts to Stokes on Twitter using the #FightLikeJulie hashtag.

The Times-Picayune: #fightlikejulie takes over Twitter to support Rep. Julie Stokes
July 12, 2017 | By Drew Broach

Louisiana state Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, planned to register to run for state treasurer. But after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she folded her campaign. So on the first day of qualifying for the election, her friends took to Twitter with messages of support.

WWL-TV: DuBos: Rep. Stokes' campaign against breast cancer is one all can support
July 11, 2017 | By Clancy DuBos

A buddy of mine texts me every week after my commentary, but never about my comments. He makes jokes about my ties. Today, I’m going to talk, seriously, about my pink tie. I’m wearing it to show my support for state Representative Julie Stokes in her personal fight against breast cancer.



















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