With Gratitude, An Update from Rep. Julie Stokes


To My Dear Friends and Supporters,

In 2013, I ran for office to provide a voice for the people of District 79 and make Louisiana a better place to raise our families. The last seven years have been some of the most rewarding and most challenging times of my life. The opportunities awarded to me by serving the people of District 79 are truly treasured memories.

I knew that stepping into this role would require a great deal of sacrifice. As years passed, this sacrifice took the form of spending a large part of my time away from my family and my business, as well as not paying adequate attention to my health.  The dedicated time spent working toward a solution to our state’s budget problems and financial instability over so many sessions has taken a toll. Having spent the last month with my family and friends focused on reconnecting after a busy legislative session, I realized that I have not stopped to smell the flowers for at least seven years, and I do not want to miss any of the few years remaining with my children before they leave for college. Time is the one resource that we cannot get back, we cannot create more of – and we are certainly not promised tomorrow.

That is why I will not seek re-election in the fall.

I will never be able to adequately express the gratitude I have to the voters for their trust in me to serve. This has been one of the greatest honors of my life. While I will greatly miss serving the families of District 79, you can be assured that my quest to improve the lives of those in Louisiana, Jefferson Parish and the City of Kenner is not coming to an end. Although I will no longer represent our community in an elected capacity, my passion for making an impact will continue to flourish as I pursue a number of very exciting opportunities.  I look forward to regaining my strength and spending as much time as I can in the roles that cannot be delegated – that of mother, daughter, wife, and friend.  I am excited to get back to that journey and hope to share some of the moments of that life with those of you that I have been blessed to call friends and colleagues.

The past seven years of service would not have been successful without the wonderful staff of the Louisiana Legislature, especially the staff of the Ways & Means, Appropriations, and Health & Welfare Committees. I am grateful for their tireless work to help the people of Louisiana, and they do so with tremendous skill and dedication.  I also want to thank my legislative assistant, David Zoller, whose friendship and political wisdom have been an incredible asset to my career in the legislature and the district and the state as a whole.

I also want to thank my colleagues. It has been a joy to serve alongside you, and I consider you dear friends.  I hope to maintain close relationships with you and to be your greatest cheerleader.

I will forever be grateful for the trust that my constituents and supporters around the state have placed in me for the past seven years.  I have faith that my constituents will find an outstanding leader to represent District 79.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


Julie Stokes


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